Our Story

Our Story

IT Mission Control was born out of recognising a need whilst recovering from trauma.

For twenty five years, John Edmonds, our founder, had worked in the IT industry with varied roles ranging from IT Technician to IT Manager, from Medical Systems Manger to Managing Director.

Then on 7 February, 2009, John lost everything, including his business, in the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that ripped through large swathes of Victoria.  John and his family drove through the fire as they ran for their lives.  It was either that or die.  Their home blew up within two minutes of them leaving.

Because of the backup systems he had in place, all of John’s business and personal data was saved.  From that, rebuilding could start.

Over the next few years, John’s focus was entirely upon personal rebuilding and recovery.

As 2013 drew to a close, John started thinking about what to do next.  After re-evaluating his skills and experience and talking with trusted industry contacts, John realised there was a gap in the IT industry.

Large organisations had a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who was responsible for not only managing the IT within the organisation, but also matching current and future IT requirements to business needs.

According to Wikipedia, a CIO is “needed for the management of IT resources as well as the planning of ICT including policy and practice development, planning, budgeting, resourcing and training”.

On top of this, a CIO can be “important in calculating how to increase profits via the use of ICT frameworks, as well as the vital role of reducing expenditure and limiting damage by setting up controls and planning for possible disasters.”

From all his years of experience, John recognised that small and medium sized organisations often didn’t have anybody performing this role for them.  Often the IT in these organisations was being controlled by a trusted IT adviser (who is often the person or team performing the work) or external software organisations (eg. accounting) determining what the organisation’s IT requirements were.

There is often nobody, however, performing the CIO role in these organisations.  Someone who actually works with the organisations needs, budgets and future in mind.  Someone who is completely independent and doesn’t profit from the IT work being carried out.  Someone who is able to understand the business requirements at the same time as understanding the technology involved.

IT Mission Control was established to answer these needs.  Our aim is our motto:  Harmonising Business, Information and Technology.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you have 20 computers or 200 in your organisation, if you, as a CEO or Board feel out of control with regards to your IT, then contact us.  We’re always happy to have a chat to see if we can help in any way.